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When we let go of the idea that "I don´t want to feel this", "it should have been different", "I should have been different", "I need to change" – and instead open our eyes, our hearts and our arms for everything (including ourselves and our own feelings) As It Is –
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Love is the Healer

soft massage

A meditative massage with focus on presence and sensitivity – an invitation for the body, emotions and thoughts to let go and surrender into deep relaxation.

How did the rose
ever open its heart
and give to this world
all its beauty? 

It felt the encouragement of light
against its being,

we all remain
too frightened.


Flow of Life

counselling session

When we let go of the idea that «I don´t want to feel this», «it should have been different», «I should have been different», «I need to change» – and instead open our eyes, our hearts and our arms for everything (including ourselves and our own feelings) As It Is –


Then life has so much to show us and teach us. So much peace, love, gratitude, joy – so many treasures are available – just waiting for us to open.


The nature of life is to grow, to expand, to rise, to transform… Everything that is alive, is in constant change.


The swedish poet Karin Boye wrote; «Ja visst gör det ont när knoppar brister» («of course it hurts when buds burst»).


To stand vulnerable and open for that – to allow whatever comes – without knowing, without any guarantee – takes courage. It takes trust.


This session is an invitation to say YES to life, even when it is fucking painful. A support to trust. To open up for your own growth, your own breaking, your own bursting into colors –


Your own transformation.



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Miracle of you

self-love photo session

Have you ever seen a small child looking in the mirror, thrilled by its own beauty, aliveness and expression?
That moment it realizes; «Wow! Is that ME?!».


When you walk in nature, do you ever see a tree and think that the tree should have been different – it should have been younger, it should have been taller, the branches should have had a slightly different shape, or the trunk should have been less crooked?


Or have you ever seen a flower comparing itself with another flower – «I should have been blue, not red», «I should have had a different fragrance», «I wish I was more like that flower over there, she is more beautiful than me» or «I am better than him»?


What happened with us human beings – when we grew up and learned to compare ourselves, when we learned the ideas that there exists a «better» and a «worse», a «higher» and a «lower», a «more beautiful» and a «less beautiful»?

What happened when we learned to believe we are separated from nature and from the whole?


We are natural Beings.

Each one of us is a unique manifestation of Life Itself.


What is there to «improve» in the miracle that life is?


This session is a support to embrace yourself as a natural being. An invitation for self-love, self-acceptance and for resting deep into yourself and the oneness with nature.



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